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  • Карта сайта | Долмама - Ресторан Армении
    not only in Armenia but in the world What makes this little corner so special is the implausible perfection and the style of the owner If you want to show a foreigner what the Armenian kitchen and hospitality is all about then Dolmama is your place ChefMoz dining guide Читать о нас в новостях Цитаты Dolmama is a spot to go when you re already starting to feel a bit tired of the typical Armenian fare that mostly consists of all sorts of grilled food Undeniably this is the best Yerevan restaurant offering modern Armenian cuisine Its owner is an art collector an American Armenian who has returned to Yerevan Probably you will meet him there chatting with guests Anothertravelguide com Читать о нас в новостях Цитаты I don t usually spend my drams on food in Yerevan but I have had my eye for quite a bit of time on the restaurant located on Pushkin Street Dolmama With the family in town I took full advantage to shop the idea of enjoying a quality meal there PEACHES POMEGRANATES Читать о нас в новостях Цитаты Dolmama is an interesting restaurant that serves traditional ancient Armenian food It is very popular with Westerners so we decided to experience it ourselves Dolmama s advertisement is Dolmama the Armenia s Restaurant CityKnown Читать о нас в новостях Цитаты Good food is important part of Armenian life In every household the tradition of entertaining guests graciously is an integral part of hospitality At Dolmama the Armenian traditional food is prepared with freshest seasonal produce The foods are extremely delicious innovative and elegantly presented Travel Yerevan com Читать о нас в новостях Новые Традиционные Рецепты Долма является основным блюдом нашего меню и частью названия ресторана Долма это рубленое мясо говядина баранина с добавлением риса и

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