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Title: JavaScript++: New, Powerful Language for Better Web Development

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... default JavaScript uses the same dynamic and weak typing system you re familiar with in regular JavaScript so types are completely optional However you can easily import your own type systems and rules JavaScript ships with a standard strong static typing system called strict and importing and using it is as easy as typesys strict Preprocessor directive to tell the compiler which type system to use var foo as String foo var bar as Number foo Error type mismatch var baz 1 Error no type declaration As you may have observed we ve chosen to not incorporate the non standard ES4 syntax as seen in AS3 We ve determined that pressing shift and reaching for the colon e g var a String foo was too cumbersome and harder to type Since variable declarations happen almost all the time we chose not to inhibit efficiency Furthermore with pluggable type systems we can do away with type declarations altogether in the future with a type inference system Yes there is a preprocessor but we promise it s nothing like the C preprocessor where your code becomes riddled with preprocessor directives There are a few features in JavaScript which requires us manipulate compiler behavior beforehand JavaScript preprocessor directives can only exist at the top of your code so you don t have to hunt them down For advanced users the type system plugins are written in regular JavaScript and you have full access to the AST nodes and type annotations so you can create an optional typing system a type inference system and so on Writing your own type system can be as simple as a single function the function is automatically called by the core compiler when it determines type checking is necessary you won t need to write logic to filter out certain AST nodes or extraneous code this makes creating your own type system extremely intuitive and simple Back to Top Download JavaScript Now Standard Library and Modules System JavaScript ships with a set of standard libraries and it s easy to create your own modules The JavaScript compiler will resolve dependencies and you have your choice of static vs dynamic linking lazy loading and so on Need a standard cryptography library Check Writing a quick small script using DOM document getElementsByClassName and don t want to search for a compatibility snippet every time Check Need backwards compatibility for the newly standardized Array prototype map Array prototype filter String prototype trim etc Check Are you just plain tired of searching for scripts and snippets to do what you take for granted in other languages or having to resolve library incompatibilities Check JavaScript has you completely covered Our goal is to build a universal standard library for the JavaScript community that s compatible with JavaScript regular JavaScript CoffeeScript server side JavaScript and so on It ll come complete with type annotations overloaded functions and everything you d expect from a full featured standard library so IDE makers can implement all the...

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